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  • Brand   Tsung
  • Type   22L White Color
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Name: mineral pot

Model: TY-22G-1

Capacity:22 Liters
Flow Rate: 1.0Liter/h
Beautiful design, easy installation, good for using
Suitalbe to the office, hotel, family and restaurant using 
Filter Media Functions:
Ceramic Filter 
Removes all the harmful and unnecessary substances of any from such as iron rust, sediments, floats and germs, etc. 
Activated Carbon 
Removes Chlorine,Organic Chemicals and unpleasant odor and colors resulting in pure, crystal-clear mineral water.
Mineral Stone 
Mineral stone are mined between 330 and 600 meters below sea level on an unpolluted resources. The mineral stone contain Germanium which promote health and prevent cancer. Germanium also absorbs heavy metal, toxins, odor and impurities, they continuously release more than kinds of ionized minerals for 5 years, gradually depleting in size. The highly porous mineral stone aid in the oxygenation of water and in the adjustment of the water to mild alkaline. 
Silica Sand 
Removing acidic components from the water and thereby brings about a pH balance. 
Mineralized Ball:
Far infrared mineralized ball can release tittle far infrared ray to improve quality and smell of water.

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