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  • Brand   Tsung
  • Type   UF Water Filter
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Filtered water is good for drinking, making coffee, cleaning fruit, cooking and ironing.


With Ultrafiltration membrane

Inlet pressure:15-125psi/1 -8.6kg /cm²
Max waterflow:1.0GPM

Max temperature:45℃

ultrafiltration water fiilter system

Instructions for correct maintenance
- Periodically clean the filters using cold water and a soft sponge.
- Do not use chemicals or hard detergents for cleaning.
- Before opening the filters close the mains cock or switch on the bypass if installed or release the pressure by unscrewing the breath valve on the filter.
- If not use for long time,change the cartridge or wash and sterilize re-usable cartridge.Clean the product using cold water and soft sponge.
- Always drain the water from filter at least for 5 to 8 minutes after installation;changing the cartridge or re-installation or the product.

Cartridges and function

1. 5 mm PP filter
This PP cartridge that stains out physical impurities,suspended particles,sediments and rust present in water.
2. UDF filter
This UDF resin filter is made of positive ion,helps soften the water;it also helps to improve the smell and taste in water.
3. 1mm CTO filter
This active carbon filter cartridge helps to remove 99% of chlorine and organic chemicals with dirt,odor or color in water,making it safer to drink.
4. UF Membrane filter
This UF membrane filter helps filtering germ,virus,bacteria,corpuscle,heavy metal,other solute and chemical from tap water.
5. Post active carbon filter

The inline active carbon post filter provides the final mineralizing to make water crystal clear.

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